Posted by: alcrabat | 22 February 2010

Losing Love

By:  Sara Azim, Beginning 4
Losing a love doesn’t mean losing life
But back to itself as an old friend
A friend of all that we will rediscover
A closed book that you’d like to reopen
I understand you are sad but this isn’t true
A couple is the sum of two personalities
Yet your love is your nothing removed
You’re always yourself with your qualities.
If you tear the head buried between your hands
Love can meet your sound you see nothing
Already you smile you know I’m not wrong
Who has been loved can only be even.
The smile is far more fruitful than grief
But it is a sun which gives the most beautiful gardens
Believe me in a known love or friendship
The salty tears don’t push
Losing a love doesn’t lose their lives
It’s back to itself as an old friend
It is also an opportunity to see
And to know that your friends will never forget you


  1. outstanding, fabulous, wonderful…there is no strong enough word to describe your poem

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