Posted by: alcrabat | 22 February 2010

The Memory of the Restaurant

By:  Sara Azim, Beginning 4

In the village restaurant,
I remembered her face.
A girl who had never dropped
Who kept me always in her thoughts.

I loved her with all my heart
With her was my happiness
Her death caused me pain
Who is always in my heart

The photos reminded me of her friendship
I couldn’t stand
Neither torn
Neither forget

I asked her again
To view our attached
Which was recorded in our memories
I wanted so much to see her but it was too late

These were separated in date
Until the end of our days
My heart is plain grief
And represents our end


  1. Great poem good job and large sens of creativity (:

  2. First of all think you kaice and thank you yassine

  3. outstanding poem

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