Posted by: alcrabat | 8 March 2010

We are all WINNERS

By: Hamza Serhani, Upper Intermediate 1

As you know in public speaking contests, only judges are allowed to choose the winner. Although anyone can give their own opinion and criticize the way they want, judges use their specific knowledge and experience to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each participant.

As teachers at the ALC, the judges for the Advanced Level Public Speaking Contest on Feb.14th this winter term were: Kacie, Soufiane and Naima. They have different experiences, various ideas and each one has his own style, but I think they’re good communicators which qualifies them for that tough job.

As they told me in their interviews, in order to judge the participants, they respect four essentials points:

Persuasiveness:the judges focus on the ideas and justifications that the participant presents to persuade their audience. Basically how she/he expresses him or herself.

Organization: the organized presentation lets judges understand what the candidate’s core message is.

Confidence: the participant needs to be comfortable in his/her speech and believe in the topic too.

Time: participants ought to keep the limit in mind ( 5min ).

Additionally, the judges look for an interesting subject; they don’t want a boring one.

The role of the judges is very important. They give the participants a good opportunity to correct their mistakes and improve English skills and also they help the tournament to be communicative and confidence building experience. So creating this experience is the goal of the ALC Public Speaking Contest.

To sum up, as a participant you need to respect these things and you should listen carefully to the questions of the public and the judges. Don’t forget to keep smiling at judges. They’re watching you. During the speech, try to be energetic and funny if it’s possible .

See you next time at the next competition.

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