Posted by: alcrabat | 13 April 2010

Free-Activities for the Spring session 2010


Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday
Music Club with Joseph

5:40-6:40pm, Room G5

Beginning 1 Extra Practice with Badre

5:40-7:00pm, Room G5

Journalism Club with Kacie

12:00-1:00pm, Room G5

Arts & Crafts with Children with Fatiha Mdouli

11:45-12:30pm, Room 205

Online Book Club with John (Int.5 and above)

5:40-6:40, Room G1

Beginning 2 Extra Practice with Badre

7:10-8:30pm, Room 101

Civics Club with Kacie

1:00-2:00pm, Room G5

Public Speaking with Zineb (Intermediate and Advanced Levels)

12:15-1:15pm, Common Area

Free Activities end on

June 6th

Drama for Juniors with Badre

1:00-2:00pm, Room G1

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