Posted by: alcrabat | 12 July 2010

The Wrath of Nature

By: Lamyae El Rhoul, Intermediate 3

Since the beginning of time on this planet, man has protected himself from wild animals, the wrath of nature and other unsafe obstacles. He has developed the world around him, starting with the discovery of fire and this has moved to the development of rockets, robots and the conquest of space.

With very advanced technology, man wanted to become master of the world and all its elements. He tried to exceed the natural sources of his living, and turned these elements into his obedient servant. Unfortunately and as response to these lethal experiments and attempts, nature showed its anger and turned into a rebellious attacker threating the life of six billion people, in different ways: angry hurricanes, furious volcanoes, fateful earthquakes, floods and others. But the greatest danger we now face is GLOBAL WARMING.

Global warming is a warming caused by Carbon Dioxide (CO²) which is from human activity exhaust from cars and power plants.  Scientists from around the world have said that in the last few years the earth’s average temperature will rise about 0.6° Celsius. (1) For us it doesn’t seem to be a big number or a serious problem, but in fact it is. This is because this small number will raise the sea levels by at least 25 meters (82 feet) and would increase the earth’s temperature by about 3° to 5° by the 2100. (2)

Not a very far date from now, this might be the time of our children and grandchildren. The sad thing is that we are destroying our blue planet without even thinking about the damages we are facing now like heart and respiratory diseases all related to pollution and climate change.

Imagine the situation within 90 years?
I have no doubt, dear reader, that you have already read many articles about global warming, but without giving it importance or serious worry and concern.

My article is just one of other billion articles, discussing the seriousness of the rise of the earth’s average temperature. These articles are trying to convey our worried voice to you, to citizens and to national leaders.

This is why I am asking you to start acting for the good of humanity by just changing some of our harmful attitudes to earth. So be a hero and save the planet by doing your part, and together we can work for the good of our existence.



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