Posted by: alcrabat | 18 July 2010

Childhood Memories

By: Mouna Chajie, Beginning 6

When I was a little girl

I had a nice penpal

We had exchanged a lot of letters

And we had never been too tired to read and write

When we were children

We thought that the world was hidden

Away from the war

Even if this world couldn’t breathe the air

I remember my childhood

When I used to see only food

When everything seemed to me as a paradise

And I saw it with my own eyes

Now, I hope so much that I can

Return to my past by plane,

But I’m not sure because it feels

As if they are memories, childhood memories.


  1. precious and sweet memories…
    lovely write!

  2. Thanks Jingle 🙂

  3. What wonderful childhood memories!

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