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The Community Service Program

The Community Service Program

October 2011: The Community Service Program (CSP) recently held workshops on Sunday October 23rd and Wednesday October 26th. The entire ALC community was invited to learn more about the program and its mission, as well as listen to students and teachers share the successes of previous activities and outline plans for future projects during the 2011-2012 academic year. In total, eight teachers and staff members along with nearly 30 students of all ages and levels gathered to learn how the ALC is enabling students to support their community while gaining valuable, hands-on experience. Employees from the Ennour association and several of their young local and international volunteers were present to answer questions and give first-hand accounts of their enriching experiences gained while volunteering. The Community Service Program would like to thank everyone who attended the workshops and we look forward to working together this year to better our community.

November 2011: The CSP held two meetings with those of you who are interested in volunteering at one of the associations listed above. The meeting aims to discuss the following points: [Their areas of interests: what association(s) they’re interested in volunteering for. Their availability: what days/times work for them to volunteer and how often are they willing to devote to it (once/twice a week/a month…etc)]. The meetings were held on Wednesday (Nov 16th) from 6-7pm and another one on Sunday (Nov 20th) from 12.30-1.30pm

December 2011:

On December 04th, the Community Service Program (CSP) at the American Language Center (ALC) was busy heightening social awareness and expanding its reach within the community. As per its 2011-2012 program initiative, the CSP started the term with a focus on senior citizens.  On December 11th, the CSP held an afternoon of awareness to bring to light the many issues faced by the elderly community in Morocco. Over thirty concerned citizens of all ages and backgrounds gathered to learn more about this increasingly grave, and unfortunately rather taboo, matter.

Mr. Lahcen Al Idrissi, the President of the Hay Nahda nursing home, began the day with a lecture presenting the work and activities done by the organization for its elderly clients. The very thorough and informative address was followed by an empowering PowerPoint presentation by Mrs. Tsouli from Centre Amal, an organization which supports a wide range of underprivileged, neglected categories of Moroccan population, including the elderly in Rabat. A round table discussion about governmental and citizen action regarding the support and protection of the elderly was then led by journalist Khira Arab, whose personal blog ( is dedicated to the elderly in Morocco. After a coffee break, the Movie Director, Mr. Hassane Dahani, presented his film “Le Pain Amer,” which artistically displays several social dilemmas faced not only by Moroccan senior citizens but their loved ones also. The day was ended by an overall discussion about all issues presented and what we, as individuals, could do to serve. Following the awareness day, the Community Service program members and the ALC students will visit the Hay Nahda nursing home and Centre Amal to act on what they have learned at the day of awareness and help this neglected community.



Please see the ALC Community Service Program’s Facebook group page for more information and updates: :

Bulletin d’information

Le programme du service public “Community Service Program (CSP) que le Centre Américain de Rabat offre en collaboration avec ses étudiants et ses employés a démarré ses activités pour l’année scolaire 2011-2012. Ainsi, le CSP a organisé deux ateliers le 23 et le 26 octobre 2011 dans le but de :

  • Partager notre expérience de l’année dernière 2010-2011.
  • Sensibiliser et initier le bénévolat d’ordre humanitaire aux jeunes étudiants.
  • Informer les intéressés sur notre plan d’action 2011-2012.

Ainsi, durant cette session d’automne, et en collaboration avec « l’Association des Jeunes Chercheurs en Informatique et Télécommunications » (AJCIT), au Faculté de Sciences, Université Mohamed V à Rabat, le CSP a traité le thème de la situation des personnes âgées au Maroc. Dans ce sens, nous avaos organisé une journée de sensibilisation (04 décembre) : un débat sur la problématique de la situation de personnes âgées au Maroc avec la participation des invités spécialisés dans ce domaine.

En parallèle de ces activités, nous encadrons les étudiants désirant participer au travail bénévole humanitaire en les aidants à s’intégrer dans une des organisations suivantes :

ü      Association Ennour – Salé.

ü      Centre Social Kariat – Salé.

ü      Dar Lekbira- Kenitra.

ü       Association de Parents et Tuteurs d’Enfants Trisomiques (APTET) – Rabat.

ü      Collectif Autisme Maroc- Rabat.

Le CSP organisé deux réunions avec les personnes intéressées à se porter volontaires à l’une des organisations citées en haut. Les réunions ont eu lieu le mercredi 16 novembre et le dimanche 20 novembre. Le but de ces réunions était de discuter la disponibilité des volontaires et voir comment contribuer au travail social communautaire. Ces réunions ont été suivies par des visites aux associations citées en haut, et ce pendant la semaine du 22 au 25 novembre.

Pour plus d’information sur le Community Service Program au centre américain, veuillez-vous consulter notre groupe à Facebook :


The Community Service Program

Activities for the winter term 2012

  1. Visits to the elderly homes; Hay Nahda nursing home & Centre Amal during the last week of January.
    1. A Book drive:  Donate new or used English, French, and Arabic books to benefit the children at Centre Social Kariat, Association Ennour and Dar Lekbira.
    2. Awareness day about Single women & children in precarious situations: This event will be organized in collaboration with the American women association and the single women’s association in Casa along with Dar Lekbira since it will be tackling the issue of abandoned/street children, too. (the first week of March)
  1. A visit to the single women’s association : around the second week of March.

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