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Maroc Telecom: The Take-Off

By Moubarak Souiri

The nature of human beings has made communication a must for survival. Today, it is crucial, as globalization is increasing. With the recent influx of information, all countries need an efficient telecommunications system to reinforce their businesses, industries and trade. It’s necessary to lead the stock market and run the world.

Into these circumstances, “Maroc Telecom” was born. It was a revolution. It made it possible for Morocco to have success in the Euro-Mediterranean challenge and to attract more investments. They have become the leading telecommunications company in Morocco.

How did Maroc Telecom do it and how do the CEO’s strategies affect the company and its employees?

The history of Maroc Telecom begins in 1999, when the ONPT (The National Office of Post and Telegraph) was divided into two separate entities, “Maroc Telecom” and “Morocco Post.” Over the next few years, Maroc Telecom grew by purchasing smaller companies and attracting investment. In 1999, they acquired 80% of Casanet’s stock. In 2001, they acquired 54% of the Mauritanian-based telecommunications company Mauritel. That same year, the French telecommunications company Vivendi bought 35% of Maroc Telecom’s stock. By 2003, Maroc Telecom had increased the annual business of Casanet by 200%. The next year, the company went public by offering a portion of its shares on the Casablanca Stock Exchange and the Paris Stock Exchange. This allowed Vivendi to increase its stake to 51% of Maroc Telecom’s capital. Since then, Maroc Telecom has continued to expand and in 2011 was named the 88th most innovative company by Forbes magazine.

Maroc Telecom offers Internet and telephone services to Morocco. For their internet services, they have more than 9,700 kilometers of fiber-optic cables for around 320,000 lines. Their fixed lines reach over 1.3 million customers and, by the end of 2005, they had around 8.8 million mobile phone customers. These numbers have increased.* In 2012, Maroc Telecom began laying an international submarine cable “LOUKKOS.”

Employment in big telecommunications companies is very stressful work. Yet Maroc Telecom respects and supports their employees. The CEO made them love their work as the numbers were increasing. Maroc Telecom’s success is due to its laborious, creative and innovative employees.

“In my point of view, Maroc Telecom is one of the great success stories of the last decade” says former employee Mohammed El Mezdali. “Besides its national dimension, the company has grown internationally, which can be a source of pride for both the citizens of Morocco and the employees.”

“Maroc Telecom is an organizational and managerial model which grew through well-defined processes, procedures and, also, a management structure suited to some 11,000 employees” he says.

“These major assets, combined with the enormous potential of the Moroccan market, attracted many multinational corporations attempting to annex the company. The CEO’s managerial skills have allowed Maroc Telecom to maintain their leadership position.”

“It is true that I left Maroc Telecom; however, it changed my life. I know more about trade and business. Moreover, I improved my personal skills and it was a rewarding card for my resume.”

The CEO he mentions is Maroc Telecom CEO and Chairman Abdeslam Ahizoune. With an annual income of €1.45 million, Ahizoune is the highest paid CEO in Morocco. He was born in 1955 in Khemissat and graduated from Télécom ParisTech in 1977. In 1995, he was named Chairman of the ONPT and, in 1997, Minister of Post and Telecommunications. Four years later, he became CEO of Maroc Telecom.

Abdeslam Ahizoune

Since then, he has raised Maroc Telecom investments by 32.2 billion MAD. Moreover, Maroc Telecom has raised the number of its holdings in Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso and Gabon by 9.7%. On December 26th, Abdeslam Ahizoune was among the ten finalists for the Best Manager of the Year award chosen from 3,000 business leaders from 40 countries. Although Maroc Telecom benefited from a monopoly and lack of competition, Ahizoune’s hard-work and determination helped them succeed even more.

Maroc Telecom is a valuable part of Morocco. It has contributed to the boom in the national telecommunications industry. Thanks to Abdeslam Ahizoune and his clever managerial strategy, Morocco has profited in the Euro-Mediterranean challenge by making Morocco the land of opportunities and investments.

*(all numbers in thousands)
Mobile phone users: Land lines: Internet users:
2007 15342 1518 503
2008 17184 1526 522
2009 19602 1528 527


  1. I totally agree with you. The strategic long term vision of Ahizoune, is one of Maroc Telecom’s best asset. Despite the impressive financial results of IAM, the CEO as you said, made the employees love their jobs. The result is clear: Maroc Telecom is one of the best companies in Morocco today, and can be even more powerful in the futur, especially when it brings hundreds millions of $ to the moroccan government 🙂

  2. Maroc Telecom telecom is a corporate citizen that contributes heavily in the development of the economy of the country, and also in advancement
    the many sectors such as sport culture environment ….

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