Posted by: alcrabat | 6 June 2012

ALC Rabat End of Year Show a smash success!

This year’s second annual ALC Rabat End of Year Show took place June 3, 2012 at the Salle Bahnini auditorium in front of a sold out crowd. The show featured fifteen different performances by students from the children’s, teen and adult programs, including songs, choreography, plays and presentations. All proceeds went to the Community Service Program (CSP) – to benefit orphans, handicapped children, elderly people and underprivileged families within the Rabat, Salé and Témara communities.

Here is the official trailer to the ALC Rabat End of Year Show video 2012:


  1. bonsoir,
    c’est avec grand plaisir de vous écrire et vous remercie à propos de vos efforts dont je vois leurs représentations en ma fille qui vient de commencer ses cours à ALC rabat.
    Cher es ami es, est ce que c’est possible de visualiser le ( Show of the end of the year 2012 ) ou bien me l’envoyer à mon adresse (
    une autre fois merci tous mes respects.

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