Posted by: alcrabat | 22 November 2012

Behind the Scenes of Lead Hanger

By Douâa Jazouli


Amongst the many rock and metal magazines from around the globe, and amidst the lack of them in Morocco, Lead Hangar Fanzine debuted in March 2011 as the first and only Moroccan magazine dealing with music and, more specifically, the brutal kind. Written in both French and English, L.H is a dream come true.

“Making a fanzine was an idea that was haunting me for some time, and then it happened!”  reported Abdoulah Soulami, founder and chief editor of Lead Hangar Fanzine. After discussing the plan with two of his friends, Haytam El Kessar and Nora Rehioui, the three youngsters started writing in March 2011. A month later, the first issue was online. The number of writers in Lead Hangar was extended to 12 columnists but only 8 remain. Actually working within the fanzine are Haytam El Kessar (co-founder & editor), Aly Omari Tadlaoui (Album reviewer), Hamza Benameur (Bass reviewer), Yassir Chiguer (Guitar reviewer), Chady Chadili (Photographer/Editor), Wail Ghezala (Designer), and the newest, Muhammed Amine Trafeh – or the ‘fresh meat’ as Abdoulad calls him – (Columnist).

As of this day, the fanzine currently counts between 166 and 803 readers per month, depending on the stories and issues dealt with. The most widely read article, with 925 readers, was about Evanescence and the band coming to Morocco. The largest group of regular readers (about 46%) is males aged between 18 and 24, while the highest percentage of female readers is still just 17.3%.  Yet, let’s be proud of our magazine, which has broken the limitation of having only Moroccan readers to being known in other French-speaking countries, the US, Canada, Argentina, Ukraine, and South Africa.

Lead Hangar fanzine has set the bar quite high. The online magazine has interviewed worldwide celebrities such as Sharlee D’Angelo, bassist for the Swedish melodic death-metal band Arch Enemy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, an Italian technical death metal band, Orange Goblin, also known as Our Haunted Kingdom, Lifer – a nu metal band, and Myrath, the Tunisian progressive metal band. Their writers are, indeed, not interested in Lady Gaga & co.

Lead Hangar’s stories do not stop here. The fanzine writes about everything concerning rock and metal, starting with the live report, album reviews, bass and guitar reviews, highlights, simple news, tour dates and the latest albums in stores.

The fanzine has already released nine online editions and two special ones. The chief editor is hoping that one day, perhaps, L.H. will have a print edition. He also added: “if we ever get to release a printed Lead Hangar, it’ll be available for free. Knowledge, in all its forms, should be free and available to whoever seeks it.”


  1. Thanks for sharing about Lead Hangar!

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