Posted by: alcrabat | 14 February 2013

Parents vs. Teenagers

By Ikram Bellarabi

Parent-teenager problems are a common thing in most households. The relationships between these two different different generations are full of problems and conflicts. So what are these problems and how can we resolve them?

Adolescence is the most important phase in human life. It’s the time when kids grow up and become teens and a part of being a teen is developing their own identity by creating their own opinions, thoughts, styles and values about life. It’s what prepares them for adulthood. But parents are the last people who see changes in a growing child, so they still treat them like little kids.

They don’t recognize that their children should be treated in another way now and need more freedom and independence. This is the main cause of parent-teenager problems. There are many other reasons and situations in which conflict arises. Here are some of them:

CURFEW: Parents limit time for teenagers to come home. Of course, teenagers don’t respect it and prefer to come home late. So parents are so worried and they give them a very severe punishment when they return home.

BAD HABITS: No parents accept that their children have bad habits like smoking, drinking or using drugs. They know that these things go against their vision of a bright future for their children, therefore, they do their best to keep them away from these bad things or convince them to quit if they are addicted.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE: Tatoos, piercings, crazy hairstyles, heavy make-up or bizarre clothes are easy ways to pick a fight with parents who value traditional clothes and think that these strange looks break the rules and norms of society.

TEENAGE CHARACTER: Parents are always angry about their children’s character. They say that teenagers have bad behavior. They are impolite, rude, indifferent and don’t participate enough in housework or homework.

All these are causes of the problems between parents and teenagers but how can we resolve them?

There are some easy ways to fix the problems:

  • Communicate. Parents and teenagers should talk and convince each other of their opinions and thoughts and try to find a solution for both sides.
  • Do things together (such as going to movies).
  • Read books about parents and teenager relationships.
  • Go to family counselling. It can be a good way to open up communication between parents and teenagers.

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