Posted by: alcrabat | 2 March 2013

Every Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Summer Beach Trip

By Nada El Brohmi

  • Planning: First of all, plan the entire trip, from transportation to the hotel or apartment you’re staying in. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go without booking, DON’T!! Everything is already booked during the summer.
  • Packing: What I’m going to show you is what I would recommend for a 10-day trip. To some of you, this list might sound like too much or too little. You can change it however you want!
  1. Swimsuits: Because it’s summer vacation, go absolutely crazy when it comes to swimsuits, I recommend at least three of them.
  2. Dresses: Another must in your suitcase. Pack some sundresses that will go with your bikinis. I also recommend at least three and if you’re over 18, don’t forget your clubbing dresses!
  3. Bottoms: As we all know, pants are always pushed aside during the summer but based on personal experiences, try and pack at least one pair of jeans. As for shorts, it depends on how many t-shirts you’re taking. Since I recommend at least five t-shirts, that’s what I’ll be recommending for shorts and skirts.
  4. Shoes: You need a pair of shoes which can go with each outfit. Try and use the same shoes with at least two outfits.
  5. Jewelry, hair products and makeup are optional and change from one person to another so take whatever you want!
  • The arrival: Now I’m pretty sure that the arrival is one of the most exciting parts, but don’t give in to the temptation to immediately explore the city. Instead, take your time settle down, organize everything and then you’re set to go and start enjoying your trip! I really hope what I just said helped you!


  1. hhhhhhh (Pack some sundresses that will go with your bikinis) is that what you doing here??encouraging girls to take their clothes off,and show their bodies in a sexually attractive way so that every boy and man in the beach stare at them and maybe even mis-treat them or violent acts for sexual porpuses,why don’t you alter this article title from “Every Girl’s Guide to the perfect Summer Beach Trip” into “Every bitch’s Guide to the perfect Summer Beach trip “.
    **listen,before you write any misleading article like this,specify your readers group (Foregieners,Muslim girls,hookers…something like that) then write…
    I believe you’re not a muslim girl,’cause muslim girls don’t motivate others to dress Bikini and other sex toys as I call it

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