Posted by: alcrabat | 10 April 2013

Why Moroccan Students Stay Abroad

BY Imane Belhaj

In our society, Moroccan students who graduate from foreign universities like American, French and English ones prefer to work and stay in the host countries. There are several reasons why Moroccan students like to stay there.

First of all, the opportunities to find work in the host countries are wider than the origin countries, especially in recent years because Morocco suffers from unemployment. A lot of students who graduate can’t find work because of the economic crisis.

Secondly, the high salaries graduated students get from work are better than those available in Morocco. For example, Moroccan students abroad can have a part time of job in which they can work in order to pay rent and buy what they need. Moroccan laborers in Morocco can work for eight hours or more and don’t get a good salary.

Third, Moroccan students who graduate from foreign universities get a diploma. When they want to come back to work in their country, the government doesn’t accept them because their diplomas are not qualified. Thus, they are forced to stay in the host countries.

Furthermore, some Moroccans, after they finish their studies, want to open their own project to develop their countries and to support the young generation. Unfortunately, they find a lot of problems and prefer to stay in America or France because it’s easier.

To summarize, Moroccan students prefer to work in the host countries rather than their origin countries for several reasons (economic, sociological, etc.). However, even if they are abroad, they don’t forget their cultures and traditions. 


  1. I think all what you mentioned is right because it’s clear and we can relate as students who have the same needs ( good opportunities and decent jobs) If you are in a place, even though it’s your country and you love it, where you don’t find what you need or it’s more challenging to get it, and you find a better place which makes it easier for you to get what you need. Then I don’t think you need another reason to stay. Otherwise, those countries have less corruption and thus less violations of our rights (as students) Isn’t that enough ? 😀

  2. hello,

    I find this post interesting. I am an American doing research on Moroccan youth in the Netherlands primarily and opportunities they may have and life choices. Thanks for the post! I feel that these kind of posts can really help people understand why some people choose to stay in host countries over returning to a country of origin. I was in Morocco last year for a few months and I heard from a lot of Moroccan youth about a lack of prospects when it came to finding a job. Many expressed a need to go overseas and pursue opportunity. I think Moroccan has a great advantage because there are so many educated and intellectual young people. If only the government made it a top priority to create jobs and opportunities for Moroccan youth, in my opinion, it could be one of the best places of development in the world. I hope the future looks bright ahead.

    • Hi. Your response is very civilized and culttured. If this indicates anything, it means that you are a very distinguished,noble, impartial and just person. I wish you all prosperity and happiness. I wish you from the bottom of my heart to become the president of your country.

  3. I’m wondering how the economic situation is for students in Morocco. I understand university is free, no tuition. But still, they have to buy books and pay the costs of living. Do I understand it right that Moroccan students receive no scholarship? That would mean that apart from studying at university they also have to work to make ends meet which must be especially hard for them. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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